Welsh Slate

Welsh Slate

Our slate products only use the highest quality Welsh Slate, most people only think of roofs when they talk of slate. But, it’s a very versatile product and is regarded as the finest natural slate in the world.

It can be used for so manty different things apart from looking fantastic on a roof of a house. We at DS Design Shack use it for signage, tableware such as coasters, and even keyrings.

Slate is a fine-grained, clayey metamorphic rock that splits, into thin slabs that have great tensile strength and durability. Slate can appear as black, blue, purple, red, green, or grey. Dark slates usually owe their colour to carbonaceous material or finely divided iron sulphide.

Welsh Slates' unique properties make it practical, easy to be maintained, and importantly its beautiful to look at. Which is why it's used in so many of our bespoke products. Each slate product is unique to you.

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